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Seville from Top to Bottom

Un libro de Inma Serrano

Balconies with the washing hanging out to dry, solitary streets of anonymous residential neighbourhoods, bustling touristy spots, cafés, and neighbourhood food markets… Seville from Top to Bottom is a snapshot of a diverse city full of contradictions. At once an artistic stroll and a sociological study, Serrano’s sketches take us into one of Spain’s most vibrant and surprising cities. In this personal travel journal, Inma Serrano offers a refreshing and engaging panorama of Seville in a series of vivid and dramatic sketches where life, tradition and beliefs, spaces, events, buildings, and city dwellers all happily converge to create an original explosion of radiance and colour. A new way of getting to know the city of Seville beyond the usual tourist circuits.

Inma Serrano is a Seville-based artist and illustration teacher. She holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville. Her passion for sketching has led her to create numerous illustrated travel journals and reports on her surroundings, some of which have been shown in exhibitions and published in other works and journals.

Descripción técnica del libro:

17 x 24 cm
96 páginas
ISBN/EAN: 9788425231360