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Innovation Deck
Triggers Cards

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The Triggers Cards deck for forward-thinking ideas. Use it to create edgy ideas, new products/services, campaigns, and projects focused on Millennials. The Innovation Deck is designed to help you with campaigns and ideas that look to innovate and respond to current trends. It will work with marketing ideas, tech projects and product-oriented concepts.

The questions on this deck will inspire you to explore technological, consumptions and social trends. You might use them to create brand messages, PR actions or new product ideas.

This deck contains:
- One card box that protects your cards
- One Hello card with instructions
- 60 Triggers cards with questions that will help you create ideas
- 3 Fair play cards with guidelines of how to make the most out of Triggers
- 4 Landing cards with instructions to help you bring your ideas down to earth

Triggers Cards is a set of cards with "what if" questions that open paths to solve whatever creative project you are facing. All the cards are designed to immediately spark thoughts in your head, making the idea-generation process smooth, open and fun, avoiding the creative block and pushing ideas further. 

Alejandro Masferrer is a creative consultant. He designs and facilitates processes that aim for boost innovation, empower teams, facilitate change and run-cocreation sessions. He is the founder and designer of Triggers Cards, the sets of physical cards that help creatives come up with ideas.

Descripción técnica del libro:

8,5 x 12,0 x 3,2 cm
ISBN/EAN: 8425402409367
Set of 68 cards