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ABC Gaudí

Take a stroll through any of the buildings designed by architect Antoni Gaudí and you will quickly be transported into a fairy tale world. Dragons and other mythological creatures adorn facades and rooftops; insects, mushrooms and crosses serve as columns and arches; chimneys are warriors and trees; windows are curved, colourful affairs, and eagles and other birds peer out at us from attics above our heads. Gaudí was a bold artist who was open to the stimuli of life and the sensations it evoked, creating a novel and vast universe. His larger-than-life imagination appeals to children and adults alike, and not only because his buildings are beautiful living spaces, but also because they allow us to dream and experience a life filled with magic and creativity.

ABC Gaudí draws on the architect’s infinite universe to take first-time child readers beyond the literal meaning of words, for it is at this stage when the incipient linguistic and visual dialogue they hold with the world is open to endless possibilities in terms of representation, materials, form, colour, and texture. This book is an attempt to slow down their gaze and expose them to these fantastic worlds, nourishing their imagination with extraordinary creations and interpretations.

Descripción técnica del libro:

20 x 20 cm
64 páginas
ISBN/EAN: 9788425228537
In collaboration with Càtedra Gaudí