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Barcelona Rooftops

Un libro de Miguel Herranz

“When viewed from above, Barcelona is another city. There’s a different light, other colours, other rhythms, other sounds, other people...” Miguel Herranz wanders around the rooftops, lookouts, roof decks and balconies of Barcelona, sketchbook at the ready, revealing the secrets and the beauty of this hidden city located right over our heads. Falling somewhere between meticulously rendered illustration and the spontaneity of urban sketching, Miguel Herranz offers us an illustrated urban chronicle of Barcelona, the life stories of a city as seen from above: from panoramic scenes of neighbourhoods that stretch out into the sea, to the private life of the city’s characteristic terrats, to all the details of the multiple eaves, gargoyles, chimneys and forests of aerials that inhabit these spaces. A secret tour through an uncharted Barcelona.

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17 x 24 cm
96 páginas
ISBN/EAN: 9788425230158
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